With the obvious exceptions of photographs of me and a few group photographs, which are used by permission of the photographers, and other works attributed in the site to their creators, all photographs on this site are ©Peter M. Rivard. You may use my photos for noncommercial purposes on the condition that you credit me as the creator of the photos. You can simply put my name in small print under the photo or write "by Peter M. Rivard" or "©Peter M. Rivard" or however you'd like to word it, or you can state that the photo came from my site: "photo from http://www.peterrivard.com." It's sad that this needs to be said--I'd assumed it was understood that one didn't copy someone else's artwork to one's own web site and present them as one's own, but I've found out that's just what's been happening. If anyone wants to use an image from this site for commercial purposes, is not sure what constitutes a commercial purpose, or wants a higher resolution scan of an image from the site, please email me.